Gaming Platforms

There are four main types of gaming platforms, these are consoles, arcade machines, PC and mobile devices. Each of these platforms have different limitations and features and this is what i am going to be looking at in this blog.

Arcade machines are those big boxes that were much more popular back in the 20th century but are still popular in Arcades these days. An arcade machine is one singular machine that has everything it needs to run a game all in one, the screen is very big but is still built in to the system. it has very simple controls that any user could understand. They make money by each time they are used as you have to put around 50p in every time you play a game. The limitations is that it is not a machine that can be taken somewhere it is a very big and heavy machine and could be damaged very easily. Another limitation is that they can not connect to the internet so it is either a single player game or some are multiplayer but both have to be there on the same machine. Another limitation of this machine is that you can only play on the game that is built into the actual Arcade machine. This is all you can do.

Consoles are perhaps the most popular gaming machines around at the moment in time. this is as they are based in homes once they have been bought. they are the most advanced gaming machine that there is and are constantly evolving into bigger and better things. The features that console have is that they have the main console which has leads that connect it to the TV and and display the image on the TV. It also has Bluetooth controllers that are separate from the TV and they connect to the main console unit via Bluetooth. You can also play online with consoles as they can connect to the internet compared to the Arcade machines that are unable to do this. You can also do a lot more than just play games on the consoles, this is as they have internet connection so this allows you to stream TV shows and movies to the console via apps like Netflix and Sky go. You can play more than just one game on a console whereas on the arcade machines you can only play the certain game that is built into the machine. A limitation of the console is that once again they are not very portable as they are a respectful size however you can take it places with you it is just a bit awkward to do this as it only just fits in a rucksack and you cant just carry them around in your hands. Another limitation is the storage that the consoles have. Despite having quite a big amount of storage around 500GB or 1TB of storage.

PC is another advanced device that is very advanced in what you can play games and do things on. There are a lot more games on the PC as you can get computer games as well as console games that work on the PC. You can also upgrade the hardware and software on a PC where as on consoles you can only upgrade the hardware. You can also stream things TV shows and movies on a PC as well as being able to do work with a PC something that  you can not do on consoles. Another feature is that you can use a controller and the mouse and keyboard on a PC instead of just a controller. You can also play online with friends online and against people form across the world. A limitation of the PC is that it is not portable and there are lots of different parts to it some being considerably big. Because of the size of some of the elements the PC is not a portable device.

Finally the hand held mobile devices and there games. Features of this gaming device is that it can connect to the internet and you can play with friends and it is very portable which makes it eligible to play anywhere, on the go or at home. It has its own games which you can not play on consoles but you can play on PC. They are much easier to play on as well as they have the built in controls so you do not have to have a screen and controller with you, it is just a all in one platform. The limitations of the mobile devices is the fact that they do not have much storage as they are only small games. For example if you were to try and download Grand Theft Auto 5 on the mobile platform you would not be able to as the file for the game is to big for the device to hold. Also the graphics are also not as good as they have to minimise the file that the game is put on so that the platform can store it which means artistic styles like photo realism can not be used. 

The Nintendo switch is arguably the first of the new generation of platform, a portable device that can be played as a console on a big screen. It has a built in screen that you can use to play when you are on the go but also when you are at home and you want a bigger picture you can put it on to the big screen and detach the controllers from the small screen. You can also play online on the switch which is a good feature. Limitations would once again be the storage of the games as the overall device is quite small which does not allow for as much storage.


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